August 20, 2018, 10:13 pm

By Vladimir LAVROV

Doctor of Historical Sciences, 

chief researcher 
Institute for Russian History,

Russian Academy of Sciences

Leninism is an ideology that sanctions the use of extreme measures to achieve the desired result (the immoral principle of the end justifying the means).

Lenin's works forced upon Russia social racism and social genocide, i.e. elimination, including, without limitation, physical, of the middle class, the nobility, the clergy, old Russian intelligentsia, prosperous landed peasants (kulaks) and Cossacks. While Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party advocated national racism and genocide, Lenin advocated social racism and genocide; but both — racism and genocide — led to the death of millions as a result of political activities of those leaders, to crimes against humanity not subject to the statute of limitation.

Lenin constantly called for violent overthrow of the legitimate establishment, spearheaded the October 1917 coup d'état and disperses the lawful Russian parliament — the Constituent Assembly. The October coup and the disbandment of the parliament resulted in the Civil War — the most immoral of all wars, in which a Russian was up against a Russian, brother against brother, son against father… Lenin openly called for the Civil War to be started.

Lenin set up terrible concentration camps and implemented the policy of Red Terror, i.e. State-sponsored terrorism.

Lenin infringed the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the person and citizen based on their religious orientation, promoted religious intolerance by his mockery of religious beliefs, discrimination against believers in sociopolitical and other spheres of public life under his regime of militant atheism. And Lenin's instructions to kill as many of the clergy as possible are misanthropic, criminal and extremist (see documents).

All of the above found its reflection and embodiment in Lenin's massive body of work, in the fifty-plus volumes of his Complete Works, which in point of fact are not complete because Lenin's followers were afraid to publish a number of manifestly terrorist documents.

Lenin's works indoctrinate new generations of lefties and extremists who are willing and eager to provoke a bloodbath. And God forbid that they should come to power again: what then? What is put forward and justified in Lenin's works: massacre of all dissidents, rivers of blood.

On February 1, 1918, blessed patriarch Tikhon called upon the bolsheviks headed by Lenin: "Persecution of Christ's truth has started by the overt and covert enemies of that truth and in place of Christian love seeds of spite, hatred and fratricidal warfare are being sown everywhere. Christ's commandments about loving thy neighbor are forgotten and trampled upon: every day news reaches us about terrible and bestial murders of the totally innocent and even of people lying on a bed of sickness and guilty only of performing with honor their duty to the Homeland, of doing their utmost to serve the people's good... Stop, madmen, put an end to your massacres... With the power given to Us by God, We forbid you to partake of Christ's sacraments, we anathematize you, if you still bear Christian names and belong to the Orthodox Church at least by birth."

The madmen did not come to their senses.

As examples of Lenin's extremism covered by criminal law, we give the following.

1. Religion is opium and cheap booze

“Religion is a kind of spiritual oppression… Religion is the opium of the people. Religion is a kind of spiritual cheap booze in which the slaves of capital drown their humanity…”

Lenin, December 3, 1905(Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 12. pp. 142, 143.)

2. God is necrophilia

“…any godling is necrophilia… any religious idea, any belief in any godling, any flirting with a godling is the most unspeakable filth… the most dangerous filth, the vilest pest”.

Your V.I. November 13 or 14,1913 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 48. pp. 226, 227, 228. — From Lenin's letter to M. Gorky. Having read the riot act to the eminent writer for god-building, Lenin ends his letter as follows: “Why do you do this? It's a crying shame.”)

3. Let Germany defeat Russia! Viva Civil War!

“…Great Russians cannot 'protect the fatherland' other than by wishing defeat to the tsarist regime in every war”; “to call for 'peace' is wrong, we must call for the national war to turn into a civil war”; “the least evil would be a defeat of the tsarist monarchy and its troops”.

Lenin September – December 1914 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 26. pp. 108-109, 6; Lenin's corpus. vol. 2. p. 195. Manifest treason: what Lenin wrote does a disservice to the Russian State. Note that World War I killed about 1 million Russians; the Civil War, 12 mln to 14 mln people; and the starvation caused by the Civil War, 3—5 million (other figures published in Stalin's time put the number at 15 million); in all, Lenin's political activities caused the death of 15—19 million Russian citizens.)

4. Off with the head of half-wit Nikolai II!

 “… we must behead at least a hundred Romanovs” (December 8, 1911); “other countries… have no half-wits like Nikolai” (May 15, 1917); “feeble-minded Nikolai Romanov” (May 22, 1917); “idiot Romanov” (March12, April 13 and 29,1918); “monster idiot Romanov” (May 22, 1918) and so on and so forth.

Lenin (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 21. p. 17; vol. 32. pp. 97, 186; vol. 36. pp. 85, 215, 269, 362. Members of Lenin's party shot a first Romanov in the night of 12 June 1918; in the night of 17 July 1918, they shot and butchered seven Romanovs; in the night of 18 July of the same year, they pushed into a coal mine to die and shot six Romanovs; in the night of 24 January 1919, they shot five Romanovs.)

5. Shoot the intellectuals!

 “War to the death against the rich and their stooges, bourgeois intellectuals… they must be stamped on at the slightest misstep… In one place, they will be put behind bars… In another, made to clean shithouses. In a third, assigned, once out of the lock-up, yellow tickets… In a fourth, shot on the spot… The more variety, the better, the richer will be the communal experience…”

Lenin, December 24-27,1917 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 35. pp. 200, 201, 204. — From the work “How to organize a competition”)

6. Burn Baku to the ground!

 “…Can you also tell Ter to get everything ready to burn Baku to the ground in case of invasion, and have it announced in print in Baku.” 

Lenin, June 3,1918 (Volkogonov, D.A. Lenin. Political Portrait. Bk. I. M., 1994. p. 357; PGAGPI [Russian National Archives of Political and Social History (RNAPSH)] F. 2. Op. 2. D. 109. Lenin's handwritten instructions to the chairman of Baku Cheka S.Ter-Gabrielyan; messenger unknown)

7. Death to kulaks!

 “…Those vampires have been and are getting their clutches on country estate land; time and again, they enslave poor peasants. Merciless war against those kulaks! Death to them!” Lenin First half of August (after 6th) 1918 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 37. p. 41.) 

8. Merciless terror against priests

To Penza Gubispolkom (Country Executive Committee):

“…use merciless massive terror against kulaks, priests and White Guardsmen; puts the suspects in a camp outside the town.”

Lenin, August 9, 1918 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 50. pp. 143—144.)

9. Teach a lesson by hanging, and seizing all bread

“To Penza. August 11, 1918, Attn: Comrades Kurayev, Bosh, Minkin and other Penza communists. Comrades, the kulak uprising in five districts must meet with merciless suppression. This is demanded by the interests of the entire revolution, for we now join the “last decis[ive] fight” against the kulaks. We must make an example of them. Hang (repeat, hang, so that people can see) no fewer than 100 obvious kulaks, rich men, bloodsuckers. Publish their names. Take all their bread. Take hostages — as per yesterday's telegram. Make sure that for hundreds of miles around people can see, tremble, know, and shout: they are strangling and will strangle bloodsucking kulaks.

Telegraph acknowledgement and compliance. Your Lenin.”

(Latyshev A.G. Declassified Lenin. M., 1996. p. 57. The hanging telegram first published November 1991 RNAPSH. F. 2. Op. 1. D. 6898)

10. Execute without asking anybody!

 “Saratov, attn [Norkomprod (People's Commissariat for Food) agent] Paikes…I recommend that you appoint your supervisors and shoot conspirators and mavericks without asking anybody and without going through idiotic red tape.”

Lenin, August 22, 1918 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 50. p. 165. NB: Red Terror was announced 2 September 1918, and in actual fact it was launched before the announcement, before the attempted assassination of Lenin 30 August 1918 and was not a response to the attempted assassination.)

11. Merciless extermination and no mercy to Kazan!

Sviyazhsk, attn Trotsky. Surprised and concerned by the delay in the operation against Kazan, especially if what I have been told is true and you are fully in a position to destroy the adversary by artillery fire. I believe we must not feel sorry for the city and must not delay any longer, for there must be merciless extermination…”

Lenin, September 10, 1918 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 50 p. 178. Lenin realized the criminality of his demands, and covered his tracks by writing on the telegram: “Classified, to be  E n c r y p t e d  (return original to me.) (Send me copy of the code[d message].).”)

12. Finish off Cossacks!

“Kiev, Attn Rakovsky, Antonov, Podvoisky, Kamenev:

Whatever the cost, pull out all the stops and finish off Cossacks as soon as possible…”

Lenin, April 24, 1919 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 50. p. 290.)

13. Foreigners into concentration camp!

 “Regarding foreigners, I do not advise expediting deportation. A concentration camp would probably be better…”

Lenin, June 3, 1919 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 50. p. 335. Lenin's telegram is addressed to Stalin in Petrograd. Lenin also signed a decree of the government headed by him, which says: “All foreign nationals who are resident in the RSFSR territory, belong to the middle class of the nations that are engaged in hostile and military activities against us, and are aged between 17 and 55 to be put in concentration camps…” See: (Latyshev, A.G. op. cit. p. 56.)

14. Peasants are public criminals

 “…not many peasants understand that free trade in bread is a crime against the state. ‘I have produced bread; this is my product, and I have the right to sell it,’ this is what a peasant thinks by force of habit, as in the days of old. And we say that this is a crime against the state.”

Lenin, November 19, 1919 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 39. p. 315.)

15. Shoot the worshippers of St Nicholas

 “…to put up with ‘Nikola’ is foolish; we must summon up entire Cheka to shoot ‘Nikola's’ absentees.”

Lenin, December (not earlier than the 23rd) 1919 (Latyshev, A.G. op. cit. p. 156; RNAPSH. F. 2. Op. 1. D. 12176. — Lenin's written instructions were given to A.V. Eiduk, special agent of the Defence Board, in connection with absenteeism by believers on an Eastern Orthodox holiday — Day of St Nicholas the Wonderworker, 19 December 1919)


16. Punish Latvia and Estonia!

 “…Take military action, i.e. try and punish Latvia and Esthonia by force of arms (for example, “on the coat-tails” of Balakhovich go 1 mile across the border somewhere and hang there 100—1000 of their civil servants and rich men).”

Lenin, August 1920 (Latyshev, A.G. op. cit. p. 31; RNAPSH. F. 2. Op. 2. D. 447; Volkogonov, D.A. op. cit. Bk. II. p. 457. Lenin's handwritten instructions.)

17. We reject universal humanity

“In what sense do we reject morality, reject ethics? In the sense that was advocated by the bourgeoisie, who inferred such ethics from the dictates of god…

We reject whatever ethics are derived from notions that stand above people, above classes. We say that it is deceit, that it is fraud and brainwashing…"

Lenin, October 2, 1920 (Lenin, V.I. Complete Works vol. 41. pp. 309, 311, 313. — “The Tasks of Youth Unions” (Lenin's speech at the 3rd Komsomol convention). Hitler says: “I release you from the chimera of conscience.”)

18. 100,000-rbl bonus per hanged man

“…Excellent plan. Finalize it together with Dzerzhinsky. Pretending to be the Greens (whom we will later accuse of that), we will penetrate 10—20 miles and hang all kulaks and priests. 100,000-rbl bonus per hanged man.”

Lenin, Late October — November 1920

(Latyshev, A.G. op. cit. p. 31; RNAPSH. F. 2. Op. 2. D. 380. Lenin's handwritten instructions.)







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